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  • Camp Type: Overnight, Day
  • Age of Campers: 6 - 16
  • Gender of Campers: Coed
  • Year Established: 1929
  • Accreditations: 3
(519) 376-5999

Camp Presqu'ile is a unique summer camp located in South Western Ontario (Location Map) that focuses on the camper's development in "spirit mind and body." Through low camper staff ratios, campers are able to be members of a community that focuses on fun, fair play and building relationships with fellow campers. From Presqu'ile's humble beginnings in 1929, its commitment to mentorship has kept our focus on our campers.

Over the past 60 years the Owen Sound Rotary Club has worked hard at developing a summer over night camp for children . In partnership, the Owen Sound Rotary Club and Family YMCA are proud to offer high quality summer camping experience for all children to enjoy. Along with a beautiful, modern site, Camp Presqu'ile offers a wide variety of programs ensuring we have something for everyone. Through interactive programs and a community focus our campers will have fun, develop friendships, and create memories that last forever. Camp is a place where children are free to be kids, where your imagination can take you on many adventures, a place to have the time of your life.

Our campers have the opportunity to develop or choose their own program by selecting the activity of their choice for each of the 4 program periods a day. Each camper can attend their favorite activities yet still challenge themselves by trying new activities. All activities are designed to teach basic skills with a focus on personal growth and group dynamics through a fun, recreational approach. A well maintained site with modern equipment and a balance of programs (sport to leisure and water to land) ensures that we meet a wide variety of interests. All sports at camp are played under the guidelines that the winner of the game is not always the team that scored the most goals, but the team that had the most fun. All sports are facilitated with an emphases on fair play, teamwork and fun.

Integration Camping
In cooperation with Project Rainbow we are proud to be able to integrate campers with special needs into our traditional and leadership programs. With the one-on-one support buddies, our campers have the freedom they need to learn social and interaction skills with the safety and security of a friend right beside them.

Leadership Programs are divided into three levels based on age. Each experience is different in duration and content, building on the previous years program. Through a mixture of interactive games, group initiatives and practical teachable moments, campers are taught life and camp specific leadership skills. The Leaders start their experience off by learning how to build a community. Once they have accomplished working together then they learn how to work with campers and facilitate programs.

  • Pioneers 14-yrs 1 week
  • Explorers 15-yrs 2 weeks
  • Norwesters 16-yrs 4 weeks


  • OCA
  • YMCA
  • Rotary International
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    Camp Focus

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    Sports Camps: Water Sports

    Traditional Camps

    All Activities

    Art Activities
    • Arts and Crafts
    • Music
    • Performing Arts
    • Theater
    Sports Activities
    • General Sports
    • Archery
    • Basketball
    • Field Hockey
    • Soccer
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    • Water Sports
    Adventure Activities
    • Canoeing
    • Environmental
    • Kayaking
    • Survival Skills
    Additional Activities
    • Camp Fires, Handball, Guitar

    Traditional Camp (6-14yrs)

    Two week experiences are available every session other than session(s) 4-5.

    Traditional Sessions #’s 1-8

    $550 x 13 % =  $621.50                                                           

    With Canoe Trip $675 x 13% =  $762.75

    Session #1 -July 5 - July 11 (optional Traditional Canoe Trip )

    Session #2 - July 12-18  (optional Traditional Canoe Trip)

    Session #3 - July 19-25 (optional Traditional Canoe Trip)

    Session #4 - July 26-Aug 1(Leadership Canoe Trip)

    Session #5 - Aug 2-Aug 8 (optional Traditional Canoe Trip)

    Session #6 - Aug 9-16  (optional Traditional Canoe Trip )

    Session #7 - Aug 17-22 (optional Traditional Canoe Trip)

    Session #8 - Aug 23-29 (Leadership Canoe Trip)

    Optional Canoe trip: During the weeks that the optional canoe trip is offered campers can sign up for a three day two night adventure down the Saugeen River.  Campers that remain at camp will enjoy all that camp has to offer.

    Leadership Programs

    Pioneers (min age 14yrs)

    Two week experiences are available every session other than session(s) 4-5.

    Cost  $550 x 13 % =  $621.50                                             

    With Leadership Canoe Trip $675 x 13% =  $762.75

    Session #1 -July 5 - July 11

    Session #2 - July 12-18

    Session #3 - July 19-25

    Session #4 - July 26-Aug 1(Leadership Canoe Trip)

    Session #5 - Aug 2-Aug 8

    Session #6 - Aug 9-16

    Session #7 - Aug 17-22

    Session #8 - Aug 23-29 (Leadership Canoe Trip

    Explorers (min age 15yrs)

    Cost $1080x 13% =  $1220.40                                               

    With Leadership Canoe Trip $1205 x 13% =  $1361.65

    Session #1 - July 5-18

    Session #2 - July 19-Aug 1 (optional Leadership Canoe Trip)

    Session #3 -Aug 2-Aug 16

    Session #4 - Aug 17-29  (optional Leadership Canoe Trip)

    Nor’Westers (min age 16yrs) 

    Cost $1750 x 13% =  $1977.50

    Session #1 - July 5-Aug 1

    Session #2 - Aug 2-Aug 29

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