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Global Summer Academy at Washington & Jefferson College

  • Washington, PA
  • Camp Type: Overnight
  • Age of Campers: 12 - 17
  • Gender of Campers: Coed
  • Year Established: 2013

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Global Summer Academy is Washington & Jefferson College’s international, academic summer program for students entering grades 8-12 in the fall of 2016. Located in Washington, Pa. on a historic campus dating back to 1781, GSA will join students from the United States with students from international countries like Spain, Korea, China and others. W&J students and alumni are confident leaders who excel in their careers, communities, academic pursuits, and personal endeavors. They are “Presidents”—individuals known for their uncommon integrity, global citizenship, and commitment to service. They form connections with diverse communities and influential people to make a difference in the workplace and the world.

The GSA is divided into several parts: academics, curated evening activities, events and off-campus field trips.


Our students choose ONE course from our list of majors, and they study that major for the entire two-week period. Our students will work closely with talented, trained faculty to complete specific goals and tasks during their two-week course of study. Below is a brief desctiption of the majors we offer:

  • AP Chemistry: Our course is designed to give students, who plan on taking chemistry or AP Chemistry this coming fall, a good practical base of knowledge about chemistry by conducting lab experiments as well as study the AP test and its parameters
  • Business - Economics and Entrepreneurship: Our course will be a survey of undergraduate economics, focusing on some of the core concepts taught to economics majors. But we don’t stop there! We will also have the students come up with a mock new company, and then they will work out the business plan for this company
  •  Forensic Science - CSI: This course is much more than simple finger printing. In our course, we delve deeply into the science of crime scene investigation: trajectory analysis, fluid spatter evidence, fiber analysis, and other scientific techniques used by real-life forensic scientists.
  • Gender Studies and the Media: In our course, we delve deeply into the science of crime scene investigation: trajectory analysis, fluid spatter evidence, fiber analysis, and other scientific techniques used by real-life forensic scientists.
  • International Relations and Conflict Resolution: This course provides an interdisciplinary approach to understanding cross cultural conflict resolution through the lens of international relations. Students explore a broad range of international topics in the arts, humanities and social sciences. 
  • Pre-Med and AP Biology Prep: We will study the current world in terms of the study and practice of medicine and the delivery of health care. We will examine and closely identify the course of study that leads a high school student through undergraduate studies to medical school and entering the healthcare field.
  • Intro to Psychology: We will focus on classic study that has changed our understanding of human nature. Coursework in our psychology course will include the human brain, social psychology, abnormal psychology, cognition, developmental psychology and learning and development.
  • SAT Prep – College and University Admissions Prep: Our College and University Prep course focuses on improving your odds in the admissions process, as well as specific SAT Preparation work.
  • Veterinary Science: This course is designed for students who love animals and who are considering careers as veterinarians, or simply want to learn about veterinary science. 
  • Writers Workshop: It’s easy for young writers to feel unfulfilled or under-challenged in high school English classes; the creative writing student at GSA is in search of something more. 
  • Writing for College (ESL): This program will answer the question “What makes a good college writer” through examination of the language and language structures used at the college level. In this introductory course students investigate successful writing and learn to convey ideas through expanded vocabulary, sentence structure and the concept of tone. 


There is no homework, quiz or test at GSA. We make the program as stress-free as possible, as students have enough stress during the year. Once the academic day is over, we offer many exciting and fun events and activities. 


Our students will have the opportunity to go on major-specific field trips, and on Super Saturday, all students will experience an off-campus trip! We have relationships with professionals in the area; our vet science students will meet with working veterinarians in their offices, our business students will meet the founders of local start-ups.

Pittsburgh is a very cool city to explore. Check out this video about our beautiful city and some of the attractions.

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