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Kids R Kids Clayton

  • Clayton, NC
  • Camp Type: Day
  • Age of Campers: 4 - 12
  • Gender of Campers: Coed
  • Year Established: 2005
  • Accreditations: 1

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Since the beginning of time, people throughout the world have searched for treasure. As we decipher clues, read maps, and work together through cooperation and respect, discovering treasure is the ultimate goal. Join us as we travel through various extreme environments of our universe. We will unearth some of the greatest wonders on our voyage! Experiencing the lives of people in different cultures, habitats, and atmospheres will guide us to discover the true strength of character within ourselves. With each stop on our journey, we will introduce new ideas and concepts into our individual worlds. Building on our personal character traits, we will begin to understand how to survive more responsibly and respectfully with others and the universe in which we live. Our adventures will take us to the far ends of the universe: the Arctic Circle, the rainforests, hidden caves, the deep oceans, and even to outer space. Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime! Your treasure awaits!
Week 1:    Take the Challenge: The Arctic Circle: A quest for treasure begins in the Arctic Circle. Cooperation is vital!
Week 2:    The Challenge Continues: The Arctic Circle: Journey through extreme lands to find your treasure.
Week 3:    The Gems of the Rainforest: Adventures in a faraway land lead to exhilaration and respect.
Week 4:    The Rainforest Adventure: Our adventure takes us to new cultures of wonder and reliability.
Week 5:    Deep Discoveries: The Rumbling Falls Cave: Survival in the deep caverns requires skill and acumen.
Week 6:    Deep Discoveries: Iron Hoop Cave: A fantastical exploration guides us to a fragile world few have experienced.
Week 7:    Magnificent Midnight Ocean: Encounter deep-sea creatures on a voyage through the midnight ocean.
Week 8:   Marvelous Midnight Mania: Discover the creatures of the deep sea of Tasmania.
Week 9:    Reach for the Stars!: Space travel enlightens us all!
Week 10:     Go for the Goal!: Discovering the treasure is the ultimate reward.

Camp Eco-Kids Information:

We have developed a 10 week program that is both fun and educational!. This program is specifically for children who will be rising Kindergarteners in the Fall. Camp Eco-Kids is held in a another area of our school so as to maintain an age-appropriate setting separate from the older children in our regular Summer Camp program. We have a curriculum that is followed, but there is also time set aside for sports, free play time, and other fun activities.

Week 1 - What in the World?: Protecting and preserving the environment

Week 2 - Bringing Home the Green: Creating an eco-friendly environment at home

Week 3 - Be A Habitat Hero:  Stressing the importance of preserving habitats

Week 4 - Community Connection:  Exploring the 3 R`s; reduce, reuse, and recycle

Week 5 - Green is Global:  Thinking globally, acting locally to "Go Green"

Week 6 - Ocens Alive!:  Diving down and cleaning up the world`s oceans

Week 7 - Here, There, Everywhere, Air!:  Cleaning up our air everywhere

Week 8 - Green Light for Growing:  Preserving the green spaces that surround us

Week 9 - Ready, Set, Eco!:  Introducing campers to careers in Ecology

Week 10 - I Can Make a Difference!:  Affirming our role to improve the environment


  • NC 5 Star Licensed School
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