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Mad Science of Southeastern CT

  • Jewett City, CT
  • Camp Type: Day
  • Age of Campers: 3 - 12
  • Gender of Campers: Coed
  • Year Established: 2003

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Camp #1 Eureka! (EUR)BRAND NEW FOR 2009

Discover - Create - Invent! Each day campers will be given a series of challenges they must overcome using basic materials, simple machines, tips from world famous inventors and the most important thing of all – their minds. Because of the team-based approach to problem solving these challenges, this camp is never the same twice.


Daily Themes

Rock, Paper, Scissors

It is the middle ages and your “army” is under siege. All you have at your disposal is paper, scissors and … duct tape. What will you do? How will you defend your castle? How will you take the battle to their castle to vanquish your foes? 

Wild Blue Yonder

It took the world 100 years to go from traveling by horse and buggy to landing on the moon. You're smart - you'll do it in a day! Learn to fly gliders, planes, jets and rockets. Will you be the camp's Top Gun?


If you were stranded on a desert island how would you survive? Well, on this day we will find out. You will need to build shelter, find food and water, protect yourself and your teammates from the elements and find a way off the island – or die trying (not really).

Whiz Kidz

Did you know that an accident can become a great invention or that kids have created some of the gadgets we use every day? With materials that look a lot like, well ... junk - you'll be put to the test! Will you be the next Jimmy Neutron?

Science Fiction. Science Fact

Journey to the future and examine the ultramodern inventions of the 23rd century. Then design the future - today. "Create" light sabers, hovercraft, and jet packs.


CAMP #2 More Power to You (MPY) BRAND NEW FOR 2009

Get a JOLT out of this camp that explores the many different forms of ENERGY around us: the star power in our own Sun, the surprising potential from chemical reactions, the current that makes toasters toast and the natural resources of planet Earth. After this you'll be super CHARGED with knowledge. It's SHOCKING how much fun energy can be! 




Daily Themes

You are my Sunshine

Harness the Sun's energy. Build and race solar powered cars, create hot air balloons and have a picnic using the sun’s rays. Even use the Sun to create a masterpiece.


What's the Potential?

One simple principle of science: energy can not be created or destroyed. With Sir Isaac Newton, you'll explore how energy is stored and released through favorite toys like balloons, boomerangs and balls. It's a Bounce, Boing, Bonk and Rebound kind of day!

Zap Attack

Where would we be without electricity? Probably in the dark! Today you'll "conduct" experiments with current, insulators, transistors, and other electrical fundamentals. You'll not only learn about circuit electricity, but create your own batteries and electromagnets. This day is about everything from the night light in your room to the power that makes the world move.

Energy Lab

Energy doesn’t come just from a wall socket, a gas pump or an electric plant. It is also stored in molecular bonds. This day is about chemical energy as you learn about cool chemical reactions that create ice cream, the immense energy stored in gummy bears and an amazing hydrogen transformation that will propel a rocket hundreds of feet into the sky.

Planet Power

See why you don't mess with Mother Nature. Witness the awesome power of gusting winds and rushing water. Then harness these forces to build wind powered racers and water powered rockets. Have a hair-raising experience as we bring lightning indoors with a 200,000 volt static electricity generator!


 CAMP # 3NASA: Journey into Outer Space

From our Earth’s atmosphere to the outer reaches of our solar system, this hands-on program for children in grades 1 through 5 sends them on a quest for exploration! Comets, planets, stars and more are all waiting to be discovered. Learn about the four forces of flight, the challenges of space travel, and participate in a rocket launch!

Daily Themes

Earth and Beyond

Explore the farthest reaches of our solar system and create a lunar eclipse in this “mad” planetary tour! Learn how the planets stack up, and build and take home Kepler’s Cube™, a fun and educational 3-D solar system puzzle! Next, go on a mission to explore the atmosphere on Earth, and beyond! Travel to the end of the rainbow and make a sunset! Mix up various planetary atmospheres, one molecule at a time, discover how stars would look in space, and see what makes stars twinkle using your very own Shimmering Stars™!


Discover technology designed for outer space! Steer a laser beam through a laser maze, find hidden mountains using the principles of radar technology, and discover everyday objects that were originally designed for use in space! Bring the excitement home with a Lightning Launcher™ that lights up the sky! And that’s just the beginning! Live the life of an astronaut as you suit up for space flight! Find out how much you would weigh if you lived on Neptune, and how old you would be if you lived on Saturn. Participate in a space mission and make your very own Cosmic Chronometer™ watch to measure the time here on Earth!

Solar Launch

This stellar program is your ticket to the stars! Watch star dust burn, and journey through a soapy galaxy as you investigate the life cycle of stars! Use your Bead Dipper™ to create a 3-dimensional glow-in-the-dark constellation! Then, it’s your chance to become a rocket scientist! Investigate the four forces of flight, and explore the science involved in rocket construction as you build your own Skyblazer II Rocket™ that you can take home!

Eye in the Sky

Probe the mysteries of meteors and bounce around satellite light in this phenomenal program on space phenomena! Learn how to tell the difference between stars, planets and satellites in the night sky. See comets up close as one is formed before your eyes, and take home your very own Catch-a-Comet™!

Space Voyage

Learn what it takes to be a true globetrotter! Race a balloon rocket and design your own car engine as you learn about thrust. See the principles of propulsion at work in a real rocket launch, and build your very own Shuttle Copter™ to fly to the skies!

Camp #4 - Junior Engineers!

Mad Science invites you to discover how things move with science.  Take apart pellets to see what an owl cannot digest!  View the world through a camera obscura that you make yourself.  Join a team of camper engineers and build bridges, domes, cubes and pyramids.  Assemble and control pulleys, levers, catapults, simple machines and megapinchers!  make your own sidewalk chalk, crystal gardens and chromatography-dyed T-shirt!  


Camp # 5  Red Hot Robots 2 (RHR2) - Brand New Robots for 2009

NOTE: This camp presents the same basic concepts as Red Hot Robots 1 but campers construct a different robot to take home. Neither camp is a prerequisite of the other.

Join us for a week of fun with amazing robots! In this week of camp, learn about the uses of robots in our world and spend time experimenting with super cool red-hot robots. Experiment with sound sensing robots, line-tracking robots, amphibious robots and robots that can even play soccer! Discover the science of circuits and how robots use sensors to explore things around them. Use your skills to build your very own working robot to take home with you!

Daily Themes

Ready for Robots

Campers will explore the fundamentals of robotics and discover how robots are used through activities and games. Theyll begin to build their very own robot that they will take home at the end of the week.

Circuit Science

Explore the nuts and bolts of robots as campers will build simple circuits, test for conductors and non-conductors and discover how switches work. Campers will make their own Bugbots to take home.

Use your Common Sensors

Campers will explore the concept of sensors and discover what they enable a robot to learn about its environment. They will play games that involve their senses and do activities that involve communication. Campers will make their own Circuit Sensor to take home.

Robots 101

Campers will learn about Asimovs Laws of Robotics and applications of robotic technology in this fun-filled program. They will continue building their own robot and make their own Puppet Robot to take home.

Advanced Robotics

Campers will complete the building of their robots and spend time using their imaginations to create robot designs of their own. They will experiment with special robots that play soccer and discover how to program robots via a sequence of commands. Each camper will take home their robot to continue their exploration of robotics.



CAMP #7 - My First Lab Preschool Camp

This exciting week of preschool camp offers many different topics for them to explore. Dinosaurs, Space, Adventures in Air, Mad Mixtures, as well as the 5 senses.

Mix up a few reactive ingredients for some sensational results! Slide down the colorful pH scale and dip into the world of acids and bases! Create slime, and then explore the properties of this polymer through the Slime Olympics! Amazing discoveries will come to light on things that glow bright in the dark!  Make secret messages that only you can see! Manipulate matter in all of its states! Use your Thermocolor Cup™ to test the temperature of liquid matter in your home! 

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