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Timberlake - Farm and Wilderness

  • Plymouth, VT
  • Camp Type: Overnight
  • Age of Campers: 9 - 14
  • Gender of Campers: Boys
  • Year Established: 1939
  • Accreditations: 1

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Timberlake- A Day In The Life




To provide a supportive and healthy community for all campers and staff.

To encourage self-confidence, self-exploration and empowerment in all participants.

To educate campers about the natural world and active stewardship of the environment.

To provide campers with a set of basic skills in various activity areas through a dynamic, experiential and child centered educational approach.

To instill in all participants the importance and value of work.

To have a great time.

To create and support healthy, lasting relationships.

To provide campers with experiences that will challenge them and also encourage them to take positive and supported risks.

To provide experiences and teachings that will help campers become responsible and active global citizens and leaders within their communities.

To provide campers with experience in simple living.


For over 65 years Farm & Wilderness programs have provided children and adolescents with experiences that are fun and challenging while adding depth to their understanding of themselves, their communities and the world around them. Each of these programs is unique to itself, but they share the following common programmatic themes:


Challenging Wilderness Experiences
Wilderness trips are an integral part of the Farm & Wilderness experience. In groups of ten or fewer, campers and staff explore New England’s mountains, rivers and rock faces in a spirit of adventure, cooperation and community. From local hikes to week-long canoe expeditions in Canada, trips are a vital and memorable part of an F&W summer.

Organic Farms and Gardens
Activities at F&W are rooted in our relationship to the land. Through interactions with animals and gardens, F&W seeks to expand awareness of the beauty and value of the natural world around us, as well as the clear need for responsible stewardship of those relationships.

Living in Community
The essence of F&W has always been about learning to live in groups, often made up of individuals different from ourselves. Developing the ability to listen and learn with respect, work productively together, and resolve conflict nonviolently is central to our mission.

Life of the Spirit
By offering time and space for quiet reflection and worship, we encourage campers and staff to build their spiritual life within their own traditions. Acknowledging and supporting the life of the spirit within each of us is central to our values and the health of our communities.

Homegrown Arts, Dance and Music
There are no televisions at F&W, no CD players and no MP3s­—only the sounds of voices joined in song and instruments from well-tuned fiddles to pots and pans. We make our own fun, from wacky art projects to old-time New England contra dances with our very own band of campers and staff. Here, children can learn to express themselves in ways often forgotten in this too-busy world.


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