Rhythm Maker

  • Number of Players: 5 to unlimited
  • Objective: Be able to chose someone who the person guessing c
  • Activity Level: Low
  • Equipment: None

Have your group sit down cross-legged on the floor in a large circle. Explain to the group what the rhythm maker\'s job is before starting. (Changes the rhythm of the group). First, get a volunteer to be the one who leaves the room and the gets to come back into the middle of the circle and guess who the rhythm maker is going to be. Make sure the group understands that they do not want to be obvious about who the rhythm maker is. The person guessing gets three chances to guess whom the one changing the groups rhythm is. If they guess correctly, they get to choose who the next rhythm maker is after the previous rhythm maker leaves the room to get ready to guess. Therefore, rhythm maker becomes the one who guesses, the one who guessed becomes the one who chooses the next rhythm maker unless they could not guess correctly, then they have to be the security guard. (The one who makes sure the person who is going to guess does not peek).

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