Ice Breakers

Blanket Game

Number of Players: Medium size group Activity Level: Medium

After campers have met each other and gotten a chance to know each others names start the blanket game. Divide the campers into 2 groups and put the teams facing each other. Raise the blanket in between the two teams and have a player from each side ...

Circle Counting Game

Number of Players: 10 Activity Level: Low

You have ten people in your circle. You need to count from 1 -25. But only one person can speak at once. If two people speak you have to start over. Everyone in the group has to have one turn and you cannot say two numbers in a row. The person next ...

Common Link

Number of Players: 12 to 32 Activity Level: Low

Divide the campers into 3 or 4 groups. Each group has to come up with 5-10 fact that are common to everyone in the group. After about 5 minutes, gather all the groups together and share the 5-10 fact. For each fact that the group has that no other ...


Number of Players: 8 or more Activity Level: Medium

The players arrange themselves in a circle and the leader stands in the middle. The leader starts by naming something that other people in the circle have done such as places that they have visited in the past, or whoever has a blue shirt on. All ...

Group Juggling

Number of Players: 6 to unlimited Activity Level: Medium

Divide the group up into teams. Try to have between 8-10 people in each team. Have each team pick a leader who will start the game. The leader will then choose someone who is across the circle from them, but not next to them, to throw a ball to. ...

Mingle Mingle

Number of Players: 25 and more, works well with big groups Activity Level: High

Everyone is slightly bouncing in a group (kind of like a bunch of electrons) saying mingle mingle mingle and then a leader calls out a number. The campeers have to get into groups of that number. You do this several times. We then do something with ...

People to People

Number of Players: 6 or more Activity Level: Medium

Each player partners up at the beginning of the game, with one person staying out to be the leader. The leader begins calling out instructions as to how the partners must face each other. For example, if the leader calls out Face to Face then the ...


Number of Players: 8 to 15 Activity Level: Low

Tell about a scar that you have. You can be detailed but do not be gory. You can learn a lot about a person by how well they can tell a story. Showing the scar is not needed


Number of Players: 8 to 15 Activity Level: Low

Another strange sounding game, which is brilliant. With everyone standing in a circle a counsellor stands in the middle, looks at someone, and says to them: Shlubadub! The person being looked at must immediately say their (first) name. If the ...

Spin the Bottle

Number of Players: small group Activity Level: Low

Just like spin the bottle except instead of kissing, they have to answer a question that has been previously asked from the person who had the bottle pointed to them before they spun the bottle.

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